"What A Disaster" || Bella & Curly

She wobbly walked outside since Mariza pretty much kicked everyone out of the party. Isabella wasn’t intending to get a bit drunk, but at this point who cares? She has fucked up a lot lately, and just keeps getting worse. She doesn’t want to feel anymore, she doesn’t want to care. But inside, it’s killing her horribly. Stupid Jason, Stupid Aaron, Stupid Damon. Fuck guys, she muttered to herself. She started tearing up a bit, sitting at the edge of the street looking like a lost stupid drunk. If Chase found out, he’s going to hate her. He’s going to hate her so much, why does he even bother with her? But before she could, she saw the lights gleaming down the dark street. Chase has arrived, so she wiped her years, fixed herself as the car moved up to the side walk. As he pushed the door open, she saw his smile. But the guilt inside made her look away, climbing in and just saying a soft, “Heyy..”